How To Create Customer Segments in Contlo 📊

The Segments feature allows users to segment their contact lists into smaller, more specific groups based on customer behavior. These Segments can then be utilized for targeted marketing campaigns, triggering forms, and setting up automations.

As an example, let's walk through the process of creating a segment for customers who have cancelled orders. By selecting

  • "What someone has done" from the dropdown menu and then
  • "cancelled order,"

the segment will pull all contacts who have cancelled at least one order in their lifetime. Users also have the ability to add filters to the segment, such as minimum number of cancelled orders within a certain time frame or a minimum value for those orders.

The Contlo segmentation engine also allows for the use of "And" and "Or" conditions to further target a specific audience. For instance, adding an "Or" condition for "properties about someone" with "country" set to "United States" and of "user is in list" set to "Includes Birthday" will filter out all contacts who either live in the United States or are part of a "Birthday" list.

In conclusion, the Segments feature within Contlo's dashboard provide users with the ability to effectively segment their customer database and tailor their marketing messages accordingly. We encourage users to explore and experiment with the segmentation engine to create their own specific segments.