Quick Start Guide


Welcome to Contlo!

Contlo is an omnichannel marketing automation tool. Using Contlo, you can engage with your customers via Email, WhatsApp, SMS, and Push Notifications, all at one place in real time!

Discover the Full-Stack Marketing Platform that is Built for eCommerce!

Sales on Auto Pilot

What if you could increase your ecommerce sales automagically? Well, now you can with Contlo’s AI powered hyper personalized automations like cart abandonment, customer loyalty, post purchase engagement, etc.

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Engagement that feels personal

Scale & Personalisation – You don’t have to choose between two anymore! Segment your customers based on their shopping patterns, predictive behaviors and custom properties to improve conversions via well-targeted, personalized experiences.

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Collect Zero-party Customer Data & Consent

Create forms using powerful no-code editor to capture first party as well as zero party customer data such as emails, phone number, name, etc.

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Drag & Drop Template Editor

Our easy-to-use no code template builder allows you to create visually stunning, high-converting and mobile responsive emails for your stores. And don't forget to checkout our library of pre-built templates just for you!

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Table of Contents

  1. Identifying your store type
  2. Connecting your store to Contlo
    1. Supported E-commerce store - Connecting from Contlo
    2. Supported E-commerce store - Connecting from E-commerce store
      1. Shopify
    3. Custom E-commerce store
  3. Add your Audience
  4. Send your first Campaign
  5. Enable a form
  6. Enable your first Automation