Design your Form

After you've generated your form, you can use the form editor to change its look and feel. You can also add blocks to your form to ask your subscribers for additional information.

Style your form

You can apply your brand's styles in the Styles section of the Form editor to give the form its final polish before posting. Recall that to make your design straightforward; customers should be able to quickly comprehend what the form is asking for (and how to complete it).


Consider accessibility best practices when selecting fonts and colors for your form. To make the form's text easy to read for all visitors, use colors with strong contrast.

Form types

Make sure your form type—popup, flyout, embed, or spin the wheel — matches the purpose of your form before selecting a style. You can refer to The Different Form Types for more information on the same!

Add Blocks

Depending on the data you want to collect, use the Add Blocks section to drag and drop different components and input fields into your form. These consist of:

  • Text Block
  • Image Block
  • Email Input
  • Phone Number Input
  • Button Block
  • Text Input Block
  • Date Field
  • Discount Block
  • Timer Block
  • Dropdown
  • Single Select block
  • Product Block

Configure devices to display on

If your form is set to display on all devices, you can adjust blocks to give mobile customers a different view from desktop customers. On some devices, dynamic blocks can be programmed to display, but not on others. You can do this to include any of the above-mentioned blocks in your form and specify the device on which the block will appear.

Success messages

To read and modify the form's success message, click Success. Unless your form is configured to automatically shut or redirect to a URL after submission, this will show up for everybody who successfully completes the form.