Email Campaigns

Create one time email campaigns that you can send now or schedule for later.

An email campaign is a one-time mail sent to a target group of contacts. The mail can be a regular newsletter, sale announcements, or promotional offers. You can create an individual campaign and either send it immediately or schedule it to be sent later.

When running email campaigns with Contlo, you can create standout, personalized emails tailored to your target audience using a wide range of configurations and features described below:

  • Email Templates: Create beautiful, on-brand campaigns using Contlo's collection of easily customizable templates.
  • Email Editor: Build shoppable emails quickly with dynamic content blocks using the drag & drop Email Builder.
  • Campaign Targeting: Boost conversion rates by over 60% through audience segmentation based on customer profile information, purchasing patterns, and other filters.
  • Campaign Optimization: Improve campaign outcomes using user-friendly, non-technical optimization capabilities such as A/B Testing to increase opens and sales.
  • Campaign Reports: Measure the success of your marketing activities with accurate sales monitoring and attribution, and identify the best-performing emails by understanding audience interactions and sales generated.
  • Generate with AI: Quickly launch campaigns leveraging AI by providing a few prompts and a detailed insight into the email's content.

Get Started

To start sending Email Campaigns, you first need to configure an Email domain on Contlo and create an Email. Refer to the pages below:

  1. Setup an Email domain
  2. Send an Email Campaign