Email Campaigns

Create one time email campaigns that you can send now or schedule for later


  • Email Templates - Create beautiful, on-brand campaigns

Your brand's image is strongly influenced by the way your emails look, but what if you don't have an internal designer to style each campaign? With the help of Contlo's collection of templates, it's simple to produce attractive, expert emails in a matter of minutes. Each of our templates may be readily modified to reflect your brand and reused for future campaigns.

  • Drag and Drop Email Editor - Build shoppable emails fast

You require more than simple email newsletters as a new age company. With dynamic content blocks, creating campaigns with our drag & drop Email Builder is a breeze.

  • Campaign Targeting - Step up from blasts-for-all

Why throw money away when segmentation can boost conversion rates by more than 60%? Use customer profile information, purchasing patterns, and other filters to create audience segments that may be added to or omitted from your campaign targeting. Have a look at which part of the audience you want to reach and how many (in terms of percentage).

  • Campaign Optimization - Get more opens and sales

You don't always need to shout "SALE" to catch people's attention. Use our user-friendly, non-technical optimization capabilities (like A/B Testing) to improve your outcomes. Get to choose what you would like the "winning criteria" to be.

  • Campaign Reports - Measure & learn what’s working best

With accurate sales monitoring and attribution, keep an eye on the success of your marketing activities. Recognize the best-performing emails by knowing how your audience interacts with them, how many sales each campaign generates, and how they are engaging your audience.

Example Email campaigns

  • New or featured - Showcase specially chosen items that are fresh or in-vogue, or highlight what's new with your business or organisation.
  • Storytelling - There are a lot of businesses and organisations out there. By making your subscribers feel more linked to what you do and who you are, you may develop brand loyalty and community by highlighting what makes it special and the people "behind the brand."
  • Highlight interesting content - Give readers a brief introduction to a recent blog post or other piece of content you've written and a link to read more. A wonderful strategy to keep members and consumers coming back for more is to establish your company's voice as a pertinent go-to source for fresh and engaging information in your sector.
  • Promotions - Declare a promotion or discount that your company is providing. Especially better if it's only available to email subscribers; exclusivity and a sense of urgency encourage action.

Generate with AI

Leveraging AI, quickly launch campaigns through the provision of a few prompts. Choose from a list of the prospective use cases of the campaign and then provide the AI with a detailed insight into what you would like the Email to consist of. 3-5 minutes of the magic in making, results to the creation of instantly usable emails!

  • A/B Variants: Have the possibility of generating multiple variants, to see which one hits the mark the best. 3 variants of the email will be generated, you'd be only a click away from putting your A/B test out there.
  • Email subjects: Allow AI to generate an email subject which captures the essence of your campaign in a short, crisp, precise, yet an, informative way.