Automation Analytics

These are the metrics that give you insights into your Automation's performance. You can check analytics for each Automation from the Automation homepage. Go to Automations from the sidebar, you would see a list of automations that you've created. To check the metrics for automation, click the respective automation from the list and it gives a detailed analysis of your automation's performance. The following metrics are tracked:


You can see the following metrics tracked for Automation:


Total SentTotal number of customers to which the automation was sent.
Total OpenedTotal number of customers that opened the automation message.
CTR(Clicked Through Rate)Percentage of sent automation messages clicked by the recipient.
Total EarnedTotal revenue earned from the respective automation.

Automation Messages

This section contains information about the automated messages sent to the customer.

TypeShows the channel through which the message is sent
MessageShows the message sent along with the sender name.
SentShows the number of messages sent to the customer
OpenedPercentage of the automated messages opened by the customer
OrdersTotal orders placed due to the specific message.
EarnedRevenue earned from the specific message.
UnsubscribedTotal number of customers who unsubscribed from receiving the automation message.


This section shows the trigger properties of the automation - Trigger and Cancel Trigger.