In the behavior section, you can customize the form's behavior for the customers that visit your platform. Adjust settings such as display frequency, form dismissal, and more.


The teaser acts as a miniature version of your form before and after it is shown to the visitors. When enabled, it has the following properties that appear on the right pane:

Teaser Base

It sets the shape of the teaser - Circle, Bar, or Corner.


This section determines the location and size of the form teaser.

PositionSets the location of the teaser.
WidthSets the width of the teaser.
Margin (in pixels)Sets the padding around the form teaser.


This section contains the customization for the text displayed on the teaser.

TextAccepts the text to be displayed on the teaser
Font FamilySets the font type of the text displayed on the teaser.
Font WeightSets the teaser text's thickness or darkness (degree of boldness or lightness).
Font ColorSets the teaser text's color.

Background Properties

These properties control the background of the teaser.

Background ColorSets the background color of the teaser.
Background ImageAdds a background image to the teaser.

Teaser Style

This section has the option for customizing the form border.

Corner RadiusApplies rounded corners to the outer edge of the teaser. Only customizable when the teaser base is set to Bar.
Border StyleSets the style of the teaser border. Select a style from the given dropdown.
Border ColorSets the color of the teaser border.
Border WeightSets the teaser border's thickness or darkness (degree of boldness or lightness).
Enable ShadowControls the border shadow of the teaser. Click the toggle to enable the shadow.
Shadow ColorSets the shadow color.
Shadow BlurSets the extent of blurring applied to the shadow, creating a softer or more diffuse appearance.

When To Display

This section controls the teaser's visibility.

Before showing formWhen selected, the teaser shows up after the web page has finished loading. This property overrides the When to display property in the Targeting tab.
After closing formWhen selected, the teaser appears when the user closes the form.
Before showing form and after closing formWhen selected, the teaser is visible in two instances: when the webpage is initially loaded and after the form is closed. It overrides the When to Display property on the Targeting tab.

Where To Display

This section manages the visibility of the teaser depending on the device your website visitors are using - Desktop or Mobile.

Display Frequency

This property governs how often the form is shown. You can either stop displaying the form for a user once it's submitted or specify a duration after which the form should reappear.


This property controls the form dismissal when a user clicks outside the form based on the device type.

Success Page

When enabled, the form automatically closes on the 'Success' step after the specified time.