x Contlo Integration is a web-based email finding and verification tool that allows users to find and verify email addresses of people or companies. It has a large database of over 200 million email addresses and domains, which it uses to provide users with accurate and up-to-date information. With, you can search for email addresses using a domain name, company name, or individual's name. It also offers an email verification feature, which checks the validity of an email address and verifies whether it exists or not.

Step 1: Install

In Contlo, go to App Store > Integrations > >Install integration.

Once installed on the Contlo App Market, Add your API key, go to > Login > Account > API.

Upon pasting this API key on Contlo, you can start start searching for domains to retrieve email information.

You will see successful connection once the API key is accepted.

Step 2: Search domain

You can search for domain of your choice and perform the following actions on the retrieved email addresses :

  1. Add these emails to Contact
  2. Add these emails to a List

You can start targeting these users for 1 : 1 reach-outs and sales focussed use cases.