Easily build personalized marketing campaigns that maximize engagement and increase revenue, all powered by your customer data by sending a one-time Email, SMS, and WhatsApp message to your audience.

Campaigns, also known as broadcast messages, are one-time transmissions to an audience. You can use campaigns to inform customers about introducing new products, sales announcements, and business newsletters.

Campaigns in Contlo come with out-of-the-box features to make it easy and quick to create and send campaigns.

  • Segmentation: Personalize campaigns based on customer behavior.
  • Drag and drop template builders: Easily create campaigns, no code required.
  • Send time optimization: Hit their inbox or phone at the right time for them.
  • One-click personalization: Add personalized customer information right into the campaign.
  • Best-in-class deliverability: Ensure your customers receive every message.
  • Data reporting: Gain insight into whatโ€™s working and opportunities for growth.

Campaign Channels

You can use the following channels to deliver campaigns to your customers:


Campaigns are manually created and sent to pre-established lists / segments. If you want to send automated messages triggered by specific user actions, see Automations.