Email, SMS and WhatsApp campaigns made simple and seamless!


Easily build personalized marketing campaigns that maximize engagement and increase revenue, all powered by your customer data by sending a one-time Email, SMS and WhatAapp message to your audience.


Campaign management done right!
Campaigns, sometimes known as broadcast messages, are one-time transmissions to an audience. They're a fantastic way to inform your customers about the introduction of new products, sales announcements, and business newsletters. However, they must be done correctly if you want to have high deliverability (ensuring that they reach those inboxes and phones) and see income soar. That’s where we come in

  • The right customers - We make it simple to segment your customers, so you can personalize campaigns with the info that interests them.
  • The right channel - Give the power to the people. With Email, SMS and WhatsApp campaigns, customers can choose how they want to hear from you.
  • The right time - Message your customers when it’s best for them—and avoid the dreaded unsubscribe button with too many messages in too little time.
  • The right look - With pre-built templates that you can brand with just one click, sending personalized emails is easy. No code required.

Features provided

  • Segmentation - Personalize campaigns based on customer behavior.
  • Drag and drop template builders - Easily create campaigns, no code required.
  • Send time optimization - Hit their inbox or phone at the right time for them.
  • One-click personalization - Add super-personalized customer info right into the campaign.
  • Best-in-class deliverability - Ensure your customers receive every message.
  • Data reporting - Gain insight into what’s working and opportunities for growth.

Campaigns vs. Automations

Send to a target list that you build in advanceSend one or more automated messages, curated based on certain triggers and filters
Manually created and scheduledTriggered every time a certain behavior occurs
Example: Monthly emails for a newsletter list, or a flash sale announcement sent to existing customers via textExample: automated welcome email or SMS that sends to new subscribers immediately after they sign up