Aftership Tracking

Aftership Tracking x Contlo Integration

With Aftership Tracking x Contlo integration, you can use Contlo to send automation triggers to reach out to users whose orders are fullfulled via Aftership on your website, create segments and boost your marketing through different channels offered by Contlo.

Step 1: Installing Aftership Tracking

In Contlo, go to App Store > Integrations > Aftership Tracking > Install > copy the Webhook Url from Contlo and move to your Aftership Tracking dashboard.

In Aftership Tracking, go to Settings > Webhooks > Add webhook URL > and paste the Webhook Url in the previous step > click on add.

Once Webhook URL is updated successfully, the integration between Aftership Tracking and Contlo is now live. All contacts who now will be shipped via Aftership will populate in the audience section of Contlo with following events and their respective usecase:

Aftership DeliveredTriggers when a shipment is delivered.
Aftership ExceptionTriggers when a shipment is paused due to some exception.
Aftership Failed AttemptTriggers when a shipment was not delivered in the attempt.
Aftership In -TransitTriggers when a shipment is in transit.
Aftership Info ReceivedTriggers when a shipment's infromation is recieved.
Aftership Out for DeliveryTriggers when a shipment is out for delivery.

Step 2: Creating an Automation Flow

Once you have successfully integrated Contlo with Popin, please create a new automation flow in Contlo that uses theAftership Delivered trigger.

To create a new automation flow-

  1. In Contlo, go to Automation > Create Automation > Build from scratch.
  2. Choose Trigger > Click on Aftership Delivered as the trigger.
    Set up other filters if you wish.
  3. Add a Time delay and Add Email as the action and customize the email template according to your own need.
  4. Name your automation flow for ease of tracking later on the dashboard.
  5. Click on Launch Automation to publish the flow.

For every Aftership shipment delivered now, the user will get the desired marketing message with channel chosen. This can also be tracked on the automation dashboard.

Step 3: Creating a segment

To create a new segment -

  1. In Contlo, go to Audience > Segments > Create from scratch.
  2. Name your segment for ease of tracking later on the dashboard.
  3. In segment criteria > What someone has done/not done >Aftership Delivered as the trigger.
    Set up other filters if you wish.

  4. Click on Create Segment

All the contacts which fall under this category will now populate in the total audience and in the segment made.