The Customer section is all about understanding your customers. This section includes metrics such as customer repeat rate, average customer lifetime value, and the number of orders placed by each customer. This information can help you identify your top customers, understand their behavior, and create targeted marketing campaigns to retain and engage them. You can also see the growth of your customer repeat rate over time, which can help you track the success of your retention efforts.

KPI's Included

Total Customers
Total number of unique customers who have made a purchase on your store.

Customer Repeat Rate
Percentage of customers who have made more than one purchase on your store.

Average Customer Lifetime Value
The average amount of money a customer is expected to spend on your store over the course of their lifetime.

Average Orders Per User
Average number of orders placed by a customer on your store.

Customer Repeat Rate Growth
Change in customer repeat rate over a specified period, typically expressed as a percentage.

Time Between Purchase
Elapsed time between a customer's two consecutive purchases. This metric helps businesses understand how often customers purchase from them and the frequency of repeat purchases.