System Events

System events are pre-defined events recorded automatically by Contlo. These events can be categorized further based on the store type as shown below:

Custom Store

These events are automatically recorded after you integrate the Contlo SDK.

Event NameDescription
App InstalledWhen the app is installed and launched for the 1st time
App LaunchedWhen the app is launched either from a background state or in a fresh run
App UpdatedWhen the app is updated to a newer version
App BackgroundedWhen the app is sent to the background and is not in active use
App UninstalledWhen the app is removed or uninstalled from the device
Subscribed to EmailWhen the user opts in to receive email notifications
Subscribed to SMSWhen the user opts in to receive SMS notifications
Subscribed to WhatsappWhen the user opts in to receive WhatsApp notifications
Subscribed to Push (Web)When the user opts in to receive web-based push notifications
Subscribed to Mobile PushWhen the user opts in to receive mobile push notifications
Session StartedWhen the user starts a new session in the app
Session ConcludedWhen the user ends a session in the app
User Logged InWhen the user logs into their account in the app
User Logged OutWhen the user logs out of their account in the app
Advertising IDUnique ID used to personalize ads based on user's interests and behavior.

System Event Properties

Contlo tracks the following system properties automatically from the Contlo SDK for all events.

System PropertyDescription
Event TypeThe type of event being captured (System, Message, Charged or Custom).
Model NameModel of the device through which user performed the event.
OS TypePlatform on which the event occurred. (Android, iOS or Web)
App NameThe name of the Application on which the event was performed.
App VersionThe current version of your application installed on the user device.
ManufacturerName of the device manufacturer through which user performed the event.
API LevelAndroid defined API level of the device
Network TypeThe network type of the device. For example WiFI
OS VersionThe Operating system of the device. For example, 1.0.0
SDK VersionThe Contlo SDK version. For example, 1.0.1
SourceThe source of the event. For example, the event may originate from a Mobile device or a Web platform.
Package NameUnique identifier for an app on the device or the Google Play Store
Device Event TimeTime at which the event occurred (in ISO format).
Time-zoneTime-zone of the device