The Web Push Notification is a high engagement notification that allows you to capture your visitors' attention and boost conversions. With Web Push, you can also engage
your customers by sending out notifications even if they are not active on-site. These notifications can be sent to a user's desktop, mobile, or tablet through a website or web app, even when they're inactive your the site.

With Contlo, setting up your first push notification and campaign should be a
breeze. And with Contloโ€™s Segmentation Model, you can now send out hyper-
personalized push campaigns and incorporate it within your automations to drive
great conversions.

You can get started with deploying Push Notifications by following the Installation Guide and configurating the notifications according to your preference by following the Setting up Guide

Why use Web Push notifications?

Using Web Push as a channel in your Omnichannel Strategy can help you to
easily drive opt-ins, re-engage dormant customers and send out updates,
recover carts and carry contextually personalized messages after collecting
consent from customers with a click of a button.


  • Unlimited subscribers

No matter how big or small your store is, you can always get started with our push notifications app because it is completely FREE. We donโ€™t limit the number of subscribers you can have. More the merrier!

  • Schedule notifications

Spend more time understanding your shoppers. Plan your web push campaigns in advance and schedule campaigns ahead of time.

  • Smart automations

Automate your welcome messages, cart recovery campaigns, back in stock and price drop alerts. Ensure your message reaches the shopper at the right time!

  • In-depth analytics

Understand which of your web push notifications are performing well and optimize your strategy accordingly. Identify best selling products, track impressions, clicks and the attributed revenue from your campaigns.

  • Salient Features
    • Easier opt-in
    • Cross-platform support
    • Reach shoppers anywhere
    • Expressive with emojis
    • User-centric design
    • Higher conversions

Browser Support

Web Push Notifications are supported in most modern browsers such as Google
Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari, etc. However, notifications containing images are currently supported only by Chrome.

Whatโ€™s Next