Create your first Form

To create a form, you can either use a template from Contlo's form library or build a form from scratch.

Build a Form from the Form Templates

The form templates section has been created while keeping best practices in mind. The forms in the form library are simple to alter to fit the needs of your brand.

  • To browse the template library, scroll through and choose the form you want to use.


Consider using a multi-step form if you want to reduce the number of fields on your form while still giving subscribers the chance to contribute additional personal information. You can add extra pages and request optional information from subscribers, such as their name or interests, using a multi-step form.

  • Select the list to whom your form will be sent. If the form has multiple steps, you should be aware that you can use various lists for gathering SMS, Email and WhatsApp subscribers.
  • To access the editor where you may customize the form to reflect your brand, click Create Form.

Build a Form from scratch

Create a form from scratch if you prefer to start modifying a blank template.

  • Navigate to the Forms tab.
  • Click Create Form in the upper right corner.
  • Click Build From Scratch in the upper right corner.
  • Name your form
  • Choose the list you would like new signups to feed into.
  • Choose the type of form that you would like to use (e.g., popup, flyout, embed, spin the wheel, etc).
  • Click Create Form and continue to Design to enter the editor where you can customize your form further.

  • Go to the Styles section once you've decided on the content and targeting of your form.


Remember the first principle:Β Keep it simple with your look. When someone looks at your form, they need to be able to tell from a quick glance what it is asking for (and how to submit it). If not, think about making your form's design simpler so that the most crucial components are clear.

Form types

When choosing form styles, double check that your form type (i.e., popup, flyout, embed etc) matches your form’s goal.

The characteristics of each form type are as follows:

  • Popups are noticeable and highly effective since they appear in the middle of the browser window. However, a potential buyer may find too many popups (or one at the wrong time) unpleasant or distracting.
  • Flyouts fall onto the border of the page rather than in the middle, making them less obtrusive than popups while still being prominent. Typically, they permit a user to continue surfing while not engaging with or submitting the form.
  • Embedded forms are placed on a certain page or area of your website, such as the footer. Embeds are beneficial for site visitors who are interested in subscribing but may not be able to activate a popup or flyout. In addition to any popup or flyout forms you create, think about incorporating an embed form in your footer.
  • Spin the Wheel is a type of gamified form that allures your audience to spin the wheel for a chance to win prizes and discounts. Opt-ins are collected through this form enabling you to convert these visitors into subscribers.

Once you choose a form type which suits your use case, go ahead and use the drag and drop editor and customize it according to your needs. Keep the aforementioned tips in mind to be able to make sure that your forms are efficient and gather relevant points.