How to send a Mobile Push Campaign using Contlo 💬🚀

  1. Navigate to Campaigns.

  2. Click on Create Campaign > Mobile Push.

  3. Name your campaign and select the list/segment(s) to send the campaign to. Additionally you can also specify the list/segment(s) whose members should not receive the campaign.
    Note: Only subscribers who have downloaded your app will receive the push notification.

  4. Configure the following for your push campaign:

    1. Title: The notification header
    2. Subtitle: The notification description
    3. Primary URL: The page on which the user shall be redirected to after clicking on the notification.
    4. Select Image: Image to be shown along with the notification prompt. (Optional)
    5. Push Message Enter the message which will appear on the user's lock screen.
    6. Add Button: You can add up to 2 buttons with title and deep links for them
  5. Schedule your campaign to send it either Now or at a desired time.

  6. Launch the campaign.