How to send a Mobile Push Campaign using Contlo 💬🚀

  1. Navigate to Campaigns.

  2. Click on Create Campaign > Mobile Push.

  3. Name your campaign and select the list/segment(s) to send the campaign to. Additionally you can also specify the list/segment(s) whose members should not receive the campaign.
    Note: Only subscribers who have downloaded your app will receive the push notification.

  4. Configure the following for your push campaign:

    1. Title: The notification header
    2. Subtitle: The notification description
    3. Primary URL: The page on which the user shall be redirected to after clicking on the notification.
    4. Select Image: Image to be shown along with the notification prompt. (Optional)
    5. Push Message Enter the message which will appear on the user's lock screen.
    6. Add Button: You can add up to 2 buttons with title and deep links for them
  5. Schedule your campaign to send it either Now or at a desired time.

  6. Launch the campaign.

Given underneath is a glimpse of what will be visible on your screen:

The next few steps consist of adding a catchy message underneath- make sure to keep it concise and to-the-point. Alongside this, you can add more depth to your push notifications instead of simple, text and no functionalities as such. To be able to do this, you have the provision of adding a "Button" to the notification, with a deeplink which might just lead your customer to exactly where they need to be.

This is what your view would look like to be able to do the same