Learn about email channel functionality in Contlo


With Contlo's email channel, you can send automated email campaigns to all your users or specific user segments. These segments can be created based on past or live user behavior, user properties, or a combination of user behavior and properties.

For more information on Segments, refer to the Segments tab. Once you send a Campaign, you can view detailed reports of the messages sent and how many users converted due to the Campaign. This article explains what types of emails you can send your customers today.

Before you start

The email channel is already integrated into Contlo Campaigns and Automation flows. Therefore, there is no need to install any new apps. Ensure the store is linked with Contlo, and you're ready to use emails to boost your customers' journeys!

Types of emails available

A number of different email templates are available on Contlo

  • Email Campaign - you can send beautiful promotional campaigns to stay connected with your customers and share news relevant to all customers or specific target groups.
  • Welcome Email - use automation to send a welcome message to all new subscribers who sign up for a newsletter in your store.
  • Browse Abandonment Email - send an automated email after your subscribers leave your store.
  • Product Abandonment Email - use automation to contact your subscribers who leave the website while viewing a product in your store.
  • Shipping Confirmation Email - send an automated shipping confirmation email once your customer's order has been shipped.
  • Cross-Sell Email - send highly targeted automated emails to your customers to cross-sell or up-sell your products.
  • Order Follow-up Email - send a follow-up to your customer with the status of their recent order and include a discount code for their next purchase.
  • Cancellation Confirmation Email - send an automated email after your customer cancels a placed order.
  • Customer Reactivation Email - re-engage with your customers by sending one or a series of emails within a specific period from the last purchase.
  • Birthday Email - if you collect the date of birth of your customer, wish them a Happy Birthday by sending an email on their special day.
  • Abandoned Cart Email - send a reminder email and encourage your shop's visitors to complete the order when they leave a product in the cart without proceeding to payment.
  • Custom Email - send a customized email to your customers triggered by custom events.

and many more!

Benefiting from email marketing

From the moment you enable your campaigns or automation emails, your customers will start receiving email messages through Contlo's email channel.

You can send beautiful automated email messages based on shopping triggers and use smart segmentation to send the right message to the right person at the right time. For further instructions on how to set up email automation flows, check out How to setup your first automation flow using Contlo 🤖!

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