How to Setup SMS Vendor - Trustsignal



Ensure that all compliances are in place before you send an SMS.


How to setup Account -

  1. Go to App Market > Channels > SMS > Install the SMS app > Trustsignal and then click on Proceed.
  1. Once done, add your API Key from the SMS API section on Trustsignal Dashboard and Click on proceed.

  2. Once verified, copy and paste the callback URL provided from Contlo on your Trustsignal Dashboard.
    For this Go to Trustsignal > SMS > SMS Settings > SMS Webhook and paste the Callback URL copied earlier.
    Click on proceed further on Contlo once done.

  1. All the headers pertaining to the API key provided earlier will now be fetched and the templates from each header can now be used to send campaigns and setup automations.
    Click on Sync templates to sync new templates from Trustsignal.
  1. To add another vendor or another header for existing vendor, click on add account and use the same flow mentioned above.