SMS is a unique channel that allows brands to reach customers on their phone numbers. SMS can be used for sending both transactional and promotional messages. Authentication messages, order confirmations, messages that provide shipping-related information, and so on are a few examples of transactional messages, and messages that convey information about offers, new product launches, and flash sales are promotional messages.


  1. To start sending SMS Campaigns or SMS messages through automation workflows, you must have sufficient SMS credits in your account.
  2. You can send your promotional newsletters to customers subscribed to the SMS channel. The subscription statuses for each channel (Email, SMS, WhatsApp, etc) are managed separately.
  3. To send SMS marketing to the US recipients, apart from collecting the opt-in for the SMS channel, please ensure that you follow TCPA requirements and CTIA guidelines.

Set up SMS


Ensure that you follow the SMS regulations for your country before sending SMS to your customers. For mmore information, see:

Follow the steps below to set up SMS on Contlo:

  1. Go to the profile section on the top right corner and open Settings.
  2. Go to Channels from the sidebar on the Settings homepage.
  3. Open the SMS application, and select and follow the instructions to configure one of the following vendors using which you want to send SMS to the customer:
    1. TrustSignal
    2. Gupshup
    3. Karix
  4. Upon successfully configuring an SMS vendor, You can start sending SMS Campaigns or create Automations using the SMS channel.