How to setup Email in Contlo

Setting up email campaigns in Contlo is a few simple steps, as given below.

  1. Navigate to the Settings page in the top right hand corner of your page.

  1. Go to Store Settings and click on Sender Domains. This is where you will be setting up the domain through which your emails will be sent.

  2. After entering the "Sender Domains" page, you will see an "Add domain" button in the top right hand corner. There is also a "How to Setup" button, which consists of the video tutorial for the same.

  1. Upon clicking on add domain, the following will show up. Enter your domain (provided by your provider), and enter your sending domain. Click on Proceed.

  1. After clicking on proceed, you'll see the following DNS server show up, as shown below. After you have saved the details of your domain and the sender domain, you will have to wait for the verification process to take place.

The following board will display all your DNS records, the host name, expected record, current record, as well as the status of your Domain verification.

After this process is complete, you can proceed onto the next step of sending your email campaigns.

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