How to send Email Campaigns on Contlo 💬🚀

How to send an Email Campaign using contlo 💬 🚀

  1. Click on Campaigns on the side nav bar, and navigate your way through to the Create Campaign button in the top right hand corner.
  2. Name your campaign and select the list/segment(s) to send the campaign to. Additionally you can also specify the list/segment(s) whose members should not receive the campaign.
  1. Once done, let's move on to mentioning the details of the Email. The subject would consist of what you want visible to the audience. You can also add a preheader text, however, that is optional.
  2. Add the sender emails, you can decide which email you want as the display, from the sender's end. Now, let us proceed onto the designing of your email.

*It is to be noted that for both these sections, you can click on the red pencil tool, in order to prompt AI to generate a creative subject and preheader text accordingly. You'd have to simply give a brief description of the mail, the kind of tone that you want to opt for, and let the magic tool do the rest of the work.

  1. The template editor, allows you to either select a template that you have already create beforehand, or to do it as a step in the process of creating an email campaign. Now, you have the provision of 3 ways in which you can execute the design of your email: 1) Template Editor 2) Text Only 3) Custom HTML
  1. At this step, you can also perform an A/B Test.

Once you have edited your template as per your wish, you can have a look at the preview and make necessary changes.

At this stage, also ensure that there are no missing blocks in your email. This may act as a blocker further on.