Setup Web Push on Contlo

Follow the steps below to set up Web Push on Contlo:

  1. On the Contlo dashboard, go to App Market > Channels > Web Push and install the Web Push application.

  2. Upon installation, Push Opt-In Settings opens. It contains configurations to design and define the behavior of the Web Push opt-in pop-up as described below:

    1. Popup Delay(seconds): Time to display the Web Push opt-in pop-up after the page loads.

    2. Opt-In Type: Select the design for the Web Push opt-in pop-up - Browser or Custom

      1. Browser: Display the opt-in pop-up as the browser's default.
      2. Custom: Customize the opt-in pop-up as per your requirement.
    3. Upload Icon: Add an icon image that would be displayed on the Web Push permission pop-up.

    4. Popup dismissed duration (days): The duration to display the opt-in pop-up again if the customer dismisses it.

    5. Popup Design: This section enables you to design your custom opt-in pop-up.

      1. Background: Sets the background color of the pop-up.
      2. Primary Text Color: Sets the text color of the permission pop-up.
      3. Button Color: Sets the button color in the Web Push opt-in permission pop-up.
      4. Button Text Color: Sets the color of the button text.
      5. Title Text Font: Sets the font of the pop-up title.
      6. Description Text Font: Sets the font of the description on the permission pop-up.
    6. Content: This section allows you to add the content for the opt-in permission pop-up.

      1. Title: Enter the notification header/title.
      2. Description: Enter the description for the permission.
      3. Button Text: Sets the text of the button.
      4. Close Button Text: Sets the text of the button that closes the opt-in permission pop-up.
  3. You can preview the Web Push opt-in pop-up you designed on the right side of the configurations.

  4. Upon successfully configuring the Web Push, move to the Campaigns section to create a Web Push Campaign.