Merchant FAQs

  1. What is an Automation Flow?
    An Automation Flow in Contlo is a set of actions that take place in a pre-defined order in response to a trigger, such as signing up on a form, adding a product to the cart, or abandoning it.

  2. What is a Trigger in Automations?
    A trigger is the state of starting a sequence of automated actions in an Automation Flow, defined as an Event executed by a customer.

  3. Can I add a time delay between two actions in an Automation Flow?
    Yes, you can add a time delay between two actions in an Automation Flow.

  4. Can I split an Automation Flow into two different paths based on conditions?
    Yes, you can split an Automation Flow into two different paths based on conditions using a Split Trigger Filter or User Filter.

  5. Can I send messages to a specific set of users based on their country, segment, or channel subscriber?
    Yes, you can send messages to a specific set of users by splitting the Automation Flow based on User Filters.

  6. What is a Cancel Trigger?
    A Cancel Trigger is necessary to exit an Automation Flow in Contlo at any intermittent step. It allows customers to exit the flow when a specific condition is met.

  7. What is a Webhook in Contlo Automations?
    A Webhook allows different applications to communicate with Contlo and send real-time data whenever a specific event occurs.

  8. When setting up a campaign, I see that I can send it to a number of contacts only. How can I send it to all of them?
    When you try to send the Campaign to all your contacts, Contlo automatically filters out your contacts and shows only subscribed ones; since you can only send campaigns to subscribed contacts. You can also create a Segment of subscribed contacts to see how many of them can receive your Campaign.

  9. How do I import CSV? What data can be imported in the file?
    You can import your contacts by uploading a file. Go to the Audience tab → click on the Add contacts button → File import → Select file.
    You can import the default and custom data of your customers. The default information includes Personal data like Email address, Phone number, First name, Last name, Birthdate, Gender, Address; Opt-in status for Email/SMS/WhatsApp; and Custom Profile Properties (specific information about your contacts you want to keep, like their clothes size, etc.)

  10. When I connect a Shopify store to Contlo, will my customers' purchase history populate in Contlo automatically?
    Yes, once you connect your store to Contlo, we start syncing your contacts and information about the orders they have made. Depending on no. of customers, the time it takes to sync may vary, but Contlo will get all the data your store has collected.

  11. What can I do with Segments?
    Segments are dynamic Lists that update in real-time where you can filter your contacts based on contact properties (channel subscription status, custom properties, gender, address, email, phone number, birthday), any events that a contact has executed, marketing activity (received, opened and clicked messages), etc.

  12. When the campaign is scheduled for a specific segment, the segment will update at scheduling or send time?
    The segment will be re-calculated right before the message is to be sent.

  13. How can I export contacts added to a specific Segment?
    If you wish to export contacts that belong to a particular Segment, proceed to the Audience section → Segments → click on the the Action Menu → select Export. You’ll receive a file with all the contacts and their properties on your registered email.

  14. When do the Segments update?
    All segments by default get synced and are updated automatically every 2 hours. You can also manually refresh a segment anytime for it to reflect the latest data.

  15. How do I send campaigns immediately? How do I schedule campaigns?
    At the final step of creating a campaign, you can decide if you want to send the campaign immediately, or schedule it for later - either on your timezone or the the customer’s timezone. If you have a list of subscribers in different time zones and want to schedule your message at a specific time based on where they’re located, you can choose the customer's timezone option.

  16. How can I send a campaign to specific customers?
    If you want to send a campaign to specific contacts, you can create a list or a segment with only their emails/phone numbers and then send your campaign only to this list/segment.

  17. Is it possible to preview the content of a Campaign that was sent already?
    It is not possible to preview a campaign’s content in the Reports section, but you can create a copy of the Campaign and then preview its content in the drafts.

  18. Why does Contlo shorten links in emails, SMS or WhatsApp messages, and why can't I use my own domain?
    By shortening your links' character count, we address two problems — reduce the message size, and enable clicks and sales tracking. The decision to use the Contlo domain is caused by two factors — the complexity of the set-up process and by the ability to avoid additional third-party flows in the process. Additionally, by using the Contlo domain, you are getting full deliverability support. You can be rest assured that any problems with the domain will be recognized and fixed promptly. Additionally, using your own domain can put you at risk of being blocked.

  19. What is a Form in Contlo and what are its benefits?
    A form is a popup window that appears on a website while you're browsing it. It pops up on specific website pages based on the timing i.e. after a particular amount of time on your site, after scrolling, on exit, etc. Forms allow you to collect customer data, offer them discounts, and start Welcome automations by collecting email, SMS and WhatsApp opt-ins.

  20. How do I create a Form using Contlo’s Form Builder?
    To create a Form, navigate to Forms → Create Form → Pick a Template or Build from Scratch → Select Form Type. A variety of popup form templates are available in the Forms library to cater the most popular use cases. The main features of Form builder are Design Blocks (Text, Image, Input, Dropdown, Offer, Product, etc.), Style, Targeting and Behavior settings.

  21. What can I customize in the Behavior and Targeting settings of Contlo’s Form Builder?
    The Behavior and Targeting settings help you decide when and where the Form should appear. You can choose when you want to show this Form to a visitor based on page visits, time spent on a page, scroll depth, or exit intent. You can choose to display the Form only on a specific URL of your website, and also define the devices the Form should be shown on.

  22. What is Teaser in the Form Builder?
    The teaser acts as a miniature version of your Form before and after it’s shown to your visitors. It can be a small circle, a bar or a corner that pops up from any edge of the page. It is smaller than the regular popup form and has a more subtle appearance. You can use a Teaser to collect email opt-ins or to promote special offers.