Custom Events

These are events passed through third-party integrations or tracked user activity on your app or website. They're termed "Custom Events" because they are specifically defined and monitored for the referenced app or website.

If you've integrated the Contlo SDK, you can send custom events tracked for your business to Contlo, including custom parameters.

Let’s take the example of a mobile e-commerce app and map out the actions its users need to perform to make a purchase:

Search for a productSearch
View product detailsProduct - Page Viewed
Select product quantityProduct - Quantity Selected
Add to cartProduct - Added to Cart
View CartCart Viewed
Initiate checkoutCheckout - Started
Add mode of paymentCheckout - Payment
Select delivery optionCheckout - Delivery
Confirm and place the orderCheckout Complete


These parameters are sent alongside the predefined system attributes, enhancing your understanding of the event's context.

Charged events

This is a special event that captures details of customer purchases, including items, categories, transaction amount, transaction ID, and information about the respective user. Recording a purchase against a user marks them as a customer in Contlo. This enables you to compare your funnel reports between customers and non-customers.

This event has the following advantages -

  • Helps you identify your customers, and how are they using your app or website.
  • Run campaigns to reward loyal customers or get lost customers back.
  • Measure customer loyalty via running a cohort analysis on repeat purchases.
  • Analyze paid campaign performance by total revenue earned.
  • Get revenue insights like – total revenue, number of transactions, count of paying users, and more.


The charged event has the following properties:

event_idstringUsed to map the event.
transacation_valuestringThe total transaction amount attributed to the revenue.
variant_idstringThe corresponding variant(s) ID for which the transaction is taking place.
event_typestringType of event (Charged)
currencystringCurrency code of variant prices. Follows ISO 4217:2015 format.
transaction_idstringUnique identifier of the transaction.
emailstringEmail ID of the customer
phone numberstringPhone number of the customer.
product_idstringThe corresponding product (s) ID for which the transaction is taking place.
timeLongEpoch time in milliseconds.

Sending Events to Contlo

You can send events to Contlo via any of the following methods:

  1. Mobile SDK
  2. Web SDK
  3. WooCommerce integration
  4. External platform integrations (Eg. Shopify, GoKwik, etc.)

Sending an undefined event or parameter via client-side, server-to-server, or native/third-party integrations is captured by Contlo's database using the name and key you set. Therefore, there's no need to whitelist your custom events or parameters.