Send your first Campaign

This page guides you to send your first Email campaign to the customer.

Campaigns, also known as broadcast messages, are one-time transmissions to an audience. They serve as an excellent method to update your customers about new product launches, announce sales, and share business newsletters.

Create an Email campaign

Follow the steps below to create your first Email campaign:

  1. Open your Contlo dashboard, and click Campaigns on the sidebar.
  2. On the Campaigns screen, click the Create Campaign button.

  1. On the Create Campaign screen, click the Create Email button.
  1. On the Email Campaign screen, fill in the required details.
    1. Campaign Name*: Enter a name for the Campaign.
    2. Tags: Select the desired tags for the Campaign
    3. Send To*: Select the Segments or lists of users to whom you want to send the Email.
    4. Don't Send To: If you don't want to send the Email to a set of customers, Select this checkbox and the respective segment/list from the dropdown below
    5. Email Subject*: Enter the subject for the Email. You can click the red pencil icon to generate a subject for your Email using AI.
    6. Preheader text: Enter preheader text that appears with the subject line in the inbox.
    7. Sender Email*: Select the Email ID you want to appear as the email's sender.
    8. Sender Name: Enter the sender name that appears in the customer's mailbox.
    9. Use this as your reply-to address: If you want to receive replies from the customers on a separate Email ID, uncheck this checkbox and enter the respective Email ID in the input field below.
    10. Design your Email*: Pick one of the three options to design your Email:
      1. Template Editor: Choose a pre-designed template from Contllo for your Email.
      2. Text Only: Create your Email in plain text.
      3. Custom HTML: Create your Email using custom HTML.
  1. Click Save Changes to save your configuration.
  2. Click Launch Campaign to send the Email to the target customers.

Congratulations! You've created your first campaign in Contlo.


The Email is sent with Contlo domain by default. If you want to send your Email with your domain, see Setup an Email domain.

You can also Create Campaigns using other channels. Refer to the options given below: