The Audience is to give you a comprehensive view of your contacts, collect information about their behaviors and properties, and use this data to create targeted campaigns and effectively reach your desired audience. It allows you to view, organize, manage, and export your contacts in one location.

Audience in Contlo has the following sections:

  • All Contacts: Contains a comprehensive list of all your contacts regardless of their subscription status. Each contact can only be recorded once in the Contacts list but may belong to multiple Lists and Segments. For more information, see All Contacts.
  • Lists: Static collection of contacts that can be used to directly engage with specific groups of customers and gather more information about their preferences and behaviors. For more information, see Lists.
  • Segments: Dynamic group of contacts that can change over time based on profile information like demographics, interests, activity, etc. For more information, see Segments.
  • Exports: Enables you to export groups of contacts, including all contacts, subscribers, and specific Lists and Segments. For more information, see Export.