Funnels are a series of events a user performs in a particular order. Funnels in Contlo enable you to track the user actions to pinpoint dropoff, visualize progression through defined paths in your store, and further fine-tune experiences for better conversions.

Select Users

Before creating a funnel, you need to define the users for it. Go to Analytics > Funnels from the sidebar and follow the steps below:

  1. Click the Users dropdown present at the right corner and select the Segment on which you want to run the funnel analysis.

  2. Select the time duration for the funnel analysis from the Time dropdown.

  3. Proceed to create a funnel.

Create a Funnel

To create a funnel, follow the steps below:

  1. Determine the number of steps you want in the funnel. Click Add steps to add more steps to the funnel.

  2. Select the desired events in the desired step order. You can add any number of steps to a funnel.

    1. Filters: You can add filters for the selected event in a step. Click the filter icon on the step where you want to add a filter.

      1. Define a filter: On the Add Filters modal, add the desired conditions. Filters are created using event properties for each event to constrain the analysis for the users who performed that event/property combination.


You can add multiple conditions in a filter. Click Add filter and define the required details.

  1. Select the Conversion time in minutes, hours, or days. The Conversion Time is the maximum time difference between the first and last event in a funnel.

  2. Click Analyze to generate the funnel report.