Cohort analysis is a method of tracking the behavior of a group of customers over time. This analysis can help you identify patterns in customer behavior, such as the average lifespan of a customer or the average time it takes a customer to make their first purchase. You can create effective customer retention strategies and drive growth using this information.


Cohorts analysis in only available for Shopify stores.

Setup a Cohort

To generate Cohort analysis, go to Analytics > Cohorts from the sidebar and define the following parameters:

  1. Cohort Type: Select the metric for which you want to analyze the cohort's behavior.

  2. Aggregation by: Select the aggregation method for the cohort analysis - By Percentage or By Value.

  3. Product Collection: Select the product collection for cohort analysis.

  4. By Time Period: Select the duration for the analysis.

Click the Generate details button to generate cohort analysis per the defined parameters.

Cohort Analysis

The Cohort analysis section shows analysis as per the defined parameter above. Click Extract CSV to download this report in CSV format.