Facebook Audience Sync

Contlo x Facebook Audience Sync

With Facebook Audience Synxc x Contlo integration, you can use Contlo to upload custom audience on Facebook to automatically move your customers from Contlo in and out of your Custom Audiences and retarget them on Facebook.

Step 1: Install Facebook Audience Sync

In Contlo, go to App Store > Integrations >Facebook Audience Sync >Install > Login > Give all the permissions required.

Once installed successfully, the integration between Facebook Audience Sync and Contlo is now live.

Step 2: Click on Update Facebook Advertising Settings.

Once you have successfully integrated Contlo with Facebook Audience Sync, click on create Update Facebook Advertising Settings to sync a new custom audience on Facebook.

  1. Once done, click on add list/segment.
  2. Choose from the various lists/segments made.
  3. Click on Sync with Audience.

You will be able to notice that this audience will now be available on your Facebook account after the sync is done.