Goals of your Form

Think about your objectives before you start creating a form. You can interact with potential clients via a form, discover more about your audience, get existing email subscribers to be SMS subscribers as well, and do a lot more. A straightforward New prospect acquisition form is a wonderful place to start (to get the contact details of a visitor to your site who hasn't made a purchase).

You will learn

  • Engaging your customers, expanding your email, SMS and WhatsApp lists, and building enduring relationships with them, learning how to construct and modify your signup forms.
  • You can quickly create a stunning, very effective signup form for your website by adhering to a few fundamental guidelines. Establish a goal for your form before adding content and designing it to achieve it. You can easily publish the form to your website when it has been created.

Before you begin, integrate your website with Contlo

If you use an ecommerce platform that has a pre-built Contlo integration, like Shopify, make sure your integration is live and that you’ve enabled Active on Site tracking.

  • For Shopify, Active on Site tracking is enabled through Contlo's app embed.
  • If you use a platform that doesn’t have a pre-built Contlo integration, install Contlo onsite JavaScript by pasting a small snippet of code on your site before you begin.

You can find out more about this on the Quick Start Guide.

Guiding principles to follow while creating Forms

  • Keep your design simple
    Overcrowding a form will detract from its core objective and make it more difficult for site visitors to sign-up. Keep it straightforward to make it as simple and feasible for your visitors to comprehend and submit your form.
  • Planning for the entire experience
    It's easy to become distracted while looking for the ideal design. Hence, it is important for signup forms to be successful and not just create an impression. Think about the interactions your subscribers will have with your form before, during, and after you develop it.
  • Collect relevant information
    Most signup forms only request your email address or phone number, but collecting extra information might help you forge stronger relationships with your users. Knowing when to ask for more information and what to ask for will make it much easier for subscribers to divulge more personal information.