Goals of the audience feature

  • Contlo's Audience tab allows you to view, organize, and manage all of your contacts in one location.
  • The Audience section includes all of your contacts, regardless of their subscription status, and allows you to create Lists and Segments based on specific criteria.
  • Contlo also enables you to export relevant data to help you target the right audience.

The main purpose of the Audience tab is to give you a comprehensive view of your contacts, collect information about their behaviors and properties, and use this data to create targeted campaigns and effectively reach your desired audience.

You will learn

All Contacts

In Contlo, all of your contacts are added to the All Contacts section. This includes contacts regardless of their subscription status. Each contact can only be recorded once in the Contacts list, but they may belong to multiple Lists and Segments. By organizing your contacts in this way, you can more easily manage and engage with your audience, and use the information you have about their characteristics and behaviors to create targeted and effective marketing campaigns.


Contlo allows you to create separate Lists for your contacts, which are collections of contacts that can be connected to a form to collect zero-party data. These Lists can be used to directly engage with specific groups of customers and gather more information about their preferences and behaviors. This can help you to improve the effectiveness of your campaigns and increase customer engagement.


Contlo allows you to create Segments, which are dynamic groups of contacts that can change over time. Segments enable you to have a more detailed view of your audience and better understand their characteristics and behaviors. The dynamic nature of Segments is useful because it allows you to target specific groups of contacts based on their characteristics. By correctly targeting your contacts, you can improve your conversion rates and achieve better results from your marketing efforts.


The Exports tab within Audience in Contlo enables you to export groups of contacts, including all contacts, subscribers, and specific Lists and Segments. The purpose of this is to allow you to analyze the exported data in order to make informed decisions about which groups to target in your campaigns.